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Our Vision

Alumnus Group was created to help Asian-American students achieve their educational goals. The idea for AG comes from the personal experience of the founders, Weiying Yu and Julia Zhou. As natives of Shanghai who were educated at renowned U.S. universities (Stanford and UPenn), we know from firsthand experience both how rewarding and how difficult this journey can be.

We decided to build a platform for sharing our experiences with the next generation of students. We’ve built a network of accomplished tutors and mentors who can give students the honest insights they can’t get anywhere else. We’ve coalesced their collective wisdom into personalized, step-by-step recommendations. And we’ve made all this available to Asian-American students everywhere.

Your educational journey will be full of twists and turns, but we are here to help and guide you.


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"Without Alumnus Group, my son would not have gotten into the college of his dreams. Now he's a very happy freshman at his first-choice school."

- H. Lin, mother