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Our mission is to help Asian-American students achieve their educational goals. The benefits of working with us include:

Bilingual, Bicultural Team

Our team has first-hand experience with education in both China and the United States. We are uniquely qualified to understand both the particular challenges facing Asian-American students and the particular concerns of Asian-American parents.

Long-Term, Comprehensive Approach

We believe that education is a marathon, not a sprint. Our education plans help families plan early and prepare students for the long term.

Personalized Advice

Every student is different. From reading lists to summer activities to motivational exercises, we make sure to personalize all our recommendations to help your child maximize his full potential.

Exclusive Insights

Our tutors and mentors are graduates of top-tier U.S. universities, and they are uniquely positioned to provide exclusive insights based on their own first-hand experiences.



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"Without Alumnus Group, my son would not have gotten into the college of his dreams. Now he's a very happy freshman at his first-choice school."

- H. Lin, mother