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We believe that education is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes years to build a truly competitive application. That’s why we offer long-term, comprehensive Education Plans to help your child build the strong transcript, solid extracurricular achievements, and intellectual passion that will ensure success both in admissions and in life.

And when you get to the final stretch, we are here to help with our full-service admissions package that includes:

  • Student Analysis:  Our process begins with the application’s most important component — the student.  In a sea of competitive applicants with 2400 SAT scores and perfect GPA’s, how does she stand out?  What are her unique strengths and academic assets?  Why should an admissions officer say yes to her application?  In a one-on-one conversation with your child, we’ll get to know her as a student, and we’ll start helping her frame her story for the applications.
  • School Selection:  What does your child want to get out of college, and which schools will serve him best?  We’ll explain the pros and cons of different types of schools, recommend options such as dual-degree programs or special majors if appropriate, research schools, and help you narrow down the choices to a list of reach, target, and safety schools.
  • Application Preparation:  How should your child present himself in the application and short answers?  We’ll help your child prepare a resume and application that paints him in the best possible light. We’ll also help organize a to-do timeline for the entire application process, so that your child is not left scrambling on the night of the deadline.
  • Essay Brainstorming and Editing:  The college application essay is the student’s opportunity to introduce himself to the admissions committee.  If done well, it can elevate a student from just a jumble of numbers to a real person, someone with goals, interests, and future potential.  We help students find their story and their voice.
  • Recommenders Selection Assistance:  One of the most overlooked and misunderstood parts of the college application, the teacher’s and counselor’s recommendations are extremely important to helping admissions officers understand a student.  We help students select and coach their recommenders.
  • Interview Preparation:  Many schools will offer an optional interview with an admissions officer or an alum; for a few schools, the interview is mandatory.  These interviews are a great opportunity for students to show that they fit in with the college’s culture and that they are excited about attending.  Proper preparation helps students to be confident, intelligent, and personable.
  • Choosing Schools and Waitlists:  After you’ve received all your decisions, there’s still more work to be done!  We help students and families compare the details of academic programs, financial aid, housing, and career opportunities at different colleges.  We can also help you with a wait-list strategy.


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"Without Alumnus Group, my son would not have gotten into the college of his dreams. Now he's a very happy freshman at his first-choice school."

- H. Lin, mother